Introducing The Flora Collection

We are so excited to release our Spring line for 2020: The Flora Collection. We began to think about the growth of Francis and Benedict as we approached our Advocate trip in August of 2019. The goal of our trip was to expose the advocates who have given their time and talents to see the life change they have been a part of in Togo, West Africa. We wanted them to hug and laugh and sing with the women they have partnered with here in the US to sell these beautiful skirts, and to see what the profits can do for assisting in creating more equality. It wasn’t lost on us that what started as a 2-person trip (shout out to Katie Crowell who went with me in 2015) had now grown to over 20 women that we had to cap.

The trip was the largest and, honestly, the most peaceful and fruitful trip to date. We knew it was time to focus on gratitude during this growth season. Often times we have learned in business that the growing is under rated or under appreciated as you set your sites on the next mountain or challenge to take on. That sense of drive and purpose is a part of the process and it becomes a gift from God because it takes passion to fuel hard work. But, if you’re not careful, as you try to reach those goals, you can forget the growth itself. The growing is so beautiful. And, remaining filled with faith and leaning into the belief that God continues to work miracles, we know that these will be the good old days before we know it as the challenges we face get bigger and the people we serve grows broader.

This collection is called the Flora Collection because it’s our largest collection by more than double to date. That is because of our incredible customers who are wearing these skirts to every sacred event under the sun and sharing the story every time they are asked - which is every time they wear a skirt! We call this work a miracle in motion because have you ever thought about the miracle of watching something grow slow? It takes hard work, diligence, pruning, attention but you can’t force it and the growth is not entirely dependent on you. There is no mistake in nature that growth is a two part endeavor: the seed or planting and God. That is F + B, two parts the hard work of many planters.

This entire line was chosen during hot, long, tedious days by women you may never know by name. The skirts were then sewn by women who left homes without running water, but came to work diligently all day with the hope of a new life for themselves and their children. They were packed and prayed over by both the advocates and seamstresses and finally, loaded up to joyfully send to you. Once home dozens of women volunteered their time to quality check, steam, bag and tag them, so that each and every single skirt would arrive at your door wrapped in the love and dignity each deserved. And then YOU - you used your purchasing power to invest in women! You chose to buy a skirt you could talk proudly about. You know the artisan and you can give her credit, no factories or cookie cutter items for your special day. You invested in someone's future and you joined the mission. 

It’s all two part. Heart and hustle. Work and faith. Effort and peace. Planting and growth. And, now it’s time for God to do what only He can. We will be ready for this collection to harvest the most fruitful bounty yet. We are expecting life change, new ground and generational impact. Thanks for being a part of it!


Katie Walters

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