My Sister's Keeper Tee - White

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Super soft, super cute and super IMPACTFUL.

The BEST part about these shirts is that all of the profits from their sales will go directly into a medical expense account for the seamstresses and their children!In Togo, unless you are employed by the government, health insurance is extremely expensive. The large majority of people can't afford the high priced private insurance and have to pay out of pocket for all health expenses. Because of the climate, prevalence of malaria and many other health issues, major medical problems occur often, and the expenses can easily become enormous. Our goal with this fund is not to cover all medical expenses, but to ease some of the burden, enabling our seamstresses to be able to focus on saving and planning for the future. The seamstresses will each pay into this account as well, covering 40% of their own major medical costs while the profits from these t-shirts will cover the other 60%.The second best part about these shirts?! They are so so adorable + comfy!

- Alternative Apparel Vintage Jersey

- 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

- Set-in neckline

- Cover-stitch detail at bottom hem and sleeve hem

- Printed in Atlanta GA- Made IN Dominican republic

- Sustainably made in a factory the is in accordance with The Fair Labor Association's Workplace Code of Conduct