Collection: The Flora Collection

Each stitch sewn in dignity, beginning with the first collection of 400 skirts in 2015, has been a seed planted by the seamstresses in Togo. Five years later, those plantings have yielded a harvest for the largest collection to date: 2500 skirts. Francis + Benedict has continued to grow and flourish because of the seamstresses' hard work and your purchasing power.

This March, the Flora collection will not only impact the lives of the 9 women who created each beautiful skirt, but it will continue to produce a harvest of life change for women all over the US and generations to come in Togo. Each of these fabrics were chosen by our Advocates on our August trip to Togo. The concept for the collection was Florals; however, when our seamstress Juliette named her daughter Flora (born just two months ago), we knew that would be the collection name. We hope you enjoy each one-of-a-kind skirt.

Each stitch was sewn in love, each skirt is part of a magnificent garden.  It's more than just a skirt!