Our Advocates


The Francis + Benedict mission has not only changed the lives of women in Togo, West Africa, but it has also made a huge impact on many women right here in the USA. Our Advocates are our story tellers who bring to life the stories of the women and children in Togo. 


We believe that this sisterhood is an integral part of the Francis + Benedict team. Our Advocates are world changers who wake up everyday and choose to serve the people of Togo in a fun way that truly makes an impact. Since our Advocate program began we’ve seen them help support the livelihoods of our seamstresses and their families by expertly facilitating pop-up shops.

In addition, we’ve seen them make a meaningful difference in each of their own communities by helping countless women feel beautiful, loved, and connected.

This year, we have big plans to increase our impact in Togo, and we know that expanding our Advocate sisterhood is going to play a major part in enabling us to take on that challenge!


Want to become an Advocate? Want to host a pop-up?

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