Interested in earning a commission while wearing your Francis + Benedict?


Interested in being a part of a Sisterhood, earning commission on sales, preordering new collections and have an opportunity to visit Togo?


Interested in a collaboration with Francis+Benedict? Shop the Togo market with us, pick out your own fabric, help design your own product, and launch a beautiful piece of missional fashion into the world.



What does it mean to be an Advocate?

As an Advocate/Affiliate, you become a representative of Francis + Benedict in your community. By sharing the F+B story with your community and selling F+B products through pop up shows, online, as well as wearing and sharing, you’ll become a piece of the larger puzzle God is using to change the lives of women and children in Togo, West Africa. You will become a part of this Togolese family and learn so much about culture and yourself through this. Plus, you’ll become an ethical earner, making money for you and your family and at the same time helping provide sustainable jobs for the women in Togo. The more you sell, the more opportunities you give the women and children AND you and your family. Also, earn commission on your personal purchases.


What is a pop up?

A pop up can look like a gathering in someone’s home, a boutique, online event, or a one-on-one coffee date. Any event where the F+B story is being shared is considered a pop up. Pop Ups are designed for Advocates and Affiliates to be able to share the story, allow women to try on the skirts and create a community of women who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


How do I book a pop up?

When it comes to booking pop ups, we provide the necessary training, tools and materials to help you dive right in! We recommend starting with your closest social circles. Have a show with some of them and share the story. Ask them if they would be willing to help you get started. Then move outward to others around you and social media is your best friend.


Do I have to have sales experience?

Absolutely not. The Advocate + Affiliate program is an opportunity for women to step out on mission, connect with people, learn from each other and reach their fullest potential. We know you have a story that’s unlike anyone else’s, and that will bring an inspiration to Francis and Benedict that no one else can bring! If you don’t know how to bring that inspiration in the context of sales yet, that’s no problem. We have a team ready to help!


What makes the advocate program different from others?

We are a sisterhood like no other! The one thing you will get joining our program is an instant community of women who are there to love, encourage and support you. A sisterhood of women living on mission together literally changing the world together!

What is the difference between an Affiliate and an Advocate?

Affiliates - Personal Link, 10% Commission on customer sales and personal purchases, No Monthly Fee

Advocates - Personal Link, 15% commission on customer sales and personal purchases, monthly tax deductible $25 or $250/yr that 100% goes to our Togo non-profit organization, 10% off Pre-Sale Opportunity, Togo Trip Opportunity, Advocate Retreat, Private Facebook Group, Incentive Opportunities, Recruitment Bonuses, Professional Development

Is there a min monthly sales quota?

No. We want this to fit with whatever your season of life is. We have incentives for sales and you earn commission on whatever you sell but you are not required to sell a certain amount each month.

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