Summer Collection

Summer Collection

Summer is the time to live in the Moment.


Each time we enter into a changing season, we give ourselves the chance to make a beautiful new memory in life. As Summer knocks on the door, we gladly open it, knowing this new season is upon us. We look forward to everything that comes with the sunshine, relaxation, and special time spent with our family and friends.


As you shop the newest continued collection, “The Moment,” we pray each piece will be a window into a glimpse of Togo, West Africa. You will feel the ocean breeze near the port in Lomé. You will see the children playing outside our shop and inside our childcare center. You will hear the sounds of laughing, praying, and horns honking from the busy people who live around the city and in the villages.


Each design, fabric, and stitch has been prayed over with you in mind. It has been selected to perfectly time what you need this summer to feel confident and mission-focused. This Summer is your moment to shine, your moment to feel beautiful, your moment to feel empowered, and your moment to feel like the best version of you.


The moment is yours.